Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heather: Anytime

I'm a pretty humble person. Not one to brag or seek the attention of others. But without sounding too self righteous... these following photos have to be some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen. 

To me this session was a lesson in light. San Luis Obispo, more specifically Los Osos, CA has to have the most gorgeous light I have ever seen. The air is clear and the natural landscapes dominates the view. Its very untouched and therefore very beautiful. I learned so much about my style preferences as a photographer. The magic of both open shade and back diffused light. So different yet equally stunning. 

This location set the scene for a photo shoot with my dear cousin Heather. She agreed to shoot with me while up in Los Osos visiting our Grandma. It couldn't have been better. He drove around the town for hours finding hidden gems of locations. It's so nice to have the luxury to take your time, really think through the shots and get EXACTLY what you want. When its your cousin you are shooting you don't feel too bad making her wait. 

And making her wait is something I have definitely done. She's waited a long time for these photos from me but I have to say I think it was worth the wait. Heather, you are stunning and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. They really are my favorite photos I have taken to date. You are a wonderful model and an even better cousin. I'm so glad we got to spend this time together creating beautiful images. I love you, Heather. 

We started off in a beautiful and sunny grass field. I usually hate shooting in grass because I think it often comes across as tacky and unnaturally green... but not this grass. This is that luxurious, long, magical grass that you just want to roll around it. It couldn't be prettier. 


And this tree! Gnarly in the best possible way.


I love the juxtaposition of her creamy smooth skin against the harsh crevasses of the tree.


It was VERY windy but somehow Heather still manages to look adorable



Location #2 A secluded wooded area with amazing trees and lots of sweet yellow flowers




Such a Quinn in this one


I gush over these next three. Heather you could not be more beautiful



One of my favorites of all time


And here we go into that different type of lighting more diffused backlight through the trees behind her. Totally different vibe than the previous photos but absolutely amazing


Cute as can be



Our third and final location: some industrial buildings with a cool modern vibe for her amazing third look a chic faux fur coat... too good






So many cool little spots at this location


This one is too good... the blue of the stairs makes her blue eyes POP




And to finish my three favorite shots from this location. The sun was setting and she's beautifully backlit. Its magical. She looks heavenly





Nicole said...

Hold up. When were you in Los Osos!? Art grew up there and we were just there the other weekend! Love the sequence of her picking the flowers. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...


You definetly out did yourself. My daughter is beautiful and you made her look even more beautiful...I am so proud of you both..
I love them.

Aunt Mary Quinn Berger

Anonymous said...

Molly... I love them! You are so talented!! I feel so honored that these are your favorite photos to date :) I love you!!


Ericka, Jeff & Brody said...

i want you to take MY pictures. too bad you are half the country away :P

Jennifer Brotchie said...

These are Tout Sa-weet! Maja Lovelies here!

Anonymous said...

What lens do you use for your portraits ? The backgrounds are so creamy

LaRee said...

Outstanding work on these. Beautiful indeed, Stunning!

Anonymous said...

In response to comment: Anonymous said...
What lens do you use for your portraits ? The backgrounds are so creamy

Response: Canon 50mm 1.4 95% of the time and other times the 70-200mm 2.8.

Alexandra said...

These are beautiful! I love how you used a variety of locations!! Beautiful work.

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